Day at Knott’s

We went to Knott’s today and the kids had a blast.

One of their favorite rides is Sierra Sidewinder. It’s a fast rollercoaster that is part of Camp Snoopy and allows kids under 48″ to ride!

Unfortunately, all the other fast rides do have a height requirement and Peanut is not quite there yet.

It was a pretty hot day too so we went on the log ride. It was the kids’ first time and they enjoyed it with the exception for the creepy fake people inside.

Here’s the photo they took of us going down the last fall.

What a fun day!

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Workbooks and Swim

Now that summer is in full swing, we’ve gotten into a routine. The kids do workbooks in the morning and then get to play the rest of the day.

We also added swim lessons for Peanut at Waterworks in Huntington Beach. It’s a 20-min lesson with just one other kid and he gets to hang on his teacher’s back while the other child is swimming.

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Back Again…for good

It’s been quite a transitional month for us and the last part was Mama finishing her last few days of work and Dada flying up to help drive the last items down to SoCal. The car was smaller than expected so we had to say goodbye to some of our belongings and leave them behind. The drive was smooth and they had dinner at an old favorite, Houston’s, in Irvine after they returned the rental car.

We are back in SoCal and we are here for good. On to the next chapter!

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A Day with Uncle

While Mama went back to work, the kids got some worksheets done in the morning while Dada and Uncle Johnny did some work.

In the afternoon, they met up with Auntie Jia for a little Camp Snoopy at Knott’s. Since we were going to live so close to the park, we got a season pass for the whole family and it’s already getting some use!

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