Time to Go

Oh boy…we had such a fun week in Hawaii and it’s the dreaded morning we have to pack up and head home. We got up, put on swim suits, and walked to McDonald’s for a quick breakfast. Janie continued working on her homework packet and Peanut has been really into writing 3-letter words that he can sound out.

On our walk back, we took the lagoon route to the pool and got one last family selfie.

At the pool, the kids swam and the grown-ups sulked.

When it was time to go, we went back upstairs one last time to change and pack up. The girls found us on our way out and we said our “see you laters”. Their flight was also later today.

We had such a fun time this past week. It was made even better with our family and friends also there with us. We can’t wait to return next year. Hope we can still coordinate with our Beach Buddies again.

Aloha and Mahalo, Hawaii!

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Hawaii: Day 7

It’s our last full day in Hawaii and we had plans to make the most of it!

We were up early and took a walk to Eggs n Things. We walked along the beach and we had really comfortable weather. 

At breakfast, Peanut drew a picture of all of us hiking Diamond Head yesterday.

After breakfast, Janie and Dada headed back to the hotel for an ukulele lesson.

Meanwhile, Peanut and Mama went shopping.

We walked through the International Marketplace and found a statue of Don Ho.

Before heading back, we stopped at Mitsuwa Marketplace to pick up lunch for everyone. Peanut had so much fun with the shopping basket.

He also picked out two boxes of Pocky sticks to share with the other kids.

Here’s all the food we bought for our two families.

We also picked up some mochi donuts from MoDo inside the market.

On the way back, we caught a ride on The Bus. It came right as we were walking up to the stop!

Back at the Paradise Pool, the kids were swimming and after they stopped to eat lunch, they went back in the pool and went down the tube slide over and over again. Even Janie conquered her fear and went too! It’s a dark and fast slide but Peanut absolutely loved it.

After all the swimming, Peanut fell asleep while still holding a chip in his hand.

In the meantime, the girls had moved over to the beach and Uncle Jamie rented a floating island. They had fun trying to balance and also throw each other off.

Once Peanut woke up, he and Mama got to play too.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same girl who was so terrified of even the sound of the ocean as a baby. Now she’s a floating pro just like her Dada and never wants to get out of the water.

For dinner, we walked to the hotel down the street to have dinner at KatsuMidori with Auntie Yoon, Uncle Kurt, and Trevor.

It’s a cute Japanese restaurant that lets you order from an iPad and some of your food gets delivered by a train!!!

We walked back to the hotel along the lagoon with the full moon to light the way.

What a fun day and evening to end the vacation!

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Hawaii: Day 6

This morning we got up early and took an Uber to Diamond Head State Monument.

We met up with the Tsaos and were determined to get all the kids up the mountain.

Peanut had a slow start at first but he managed to get up the mountain all on his own.

The girls were up ahead and did great!

The kids took the 100 steps up to the top and went through the dark tunnel too.

We had to take a photo oat the top of the mountain! It was about 20 years ago that Mama and Dada first hiked up this crater together.

On the way down, Dada gave Peanut a little ride on the steeper parts.

At the bottom, we got some cold pineapple juice and Dole Whip.

Janie brought her camera along and took these photos of Mama and Peanut.

After our trolley ride back to Waikiki and some lunch at Duke’s, we headed back to the pool for some more swimming.

Then we went back upstairs to shower but made a point to hang out on the lanai to enjoy the sunset.

Dinner was pretty late but we had some good food at Highway Inn.

Peanut slept right through it and Janie stayed up long enough to eat and then fell asleep on the ride home. They had a lot of activity today and it was no surprise they were so tired by the end of the day.


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Hawaii: Day 5

It was another gorgeous morning in Hawaii. We are so spoiled waking up to this every morning!

We went exploring this morning before breakfast.

The kids also wanted to play at the beach so Dada took them down while Mama went for a run. You can see them playing from our lanai!

Auntie Yoon later picked us up and wen went to lunch at Tonkatsu Tamafuji.

After lunch, I took Peanut for a walk and he finally fell asleep once I let him run around a bit.

In the meantime, Janie stayed with Auntie Ranee and Uncle Jamie for the afternoon. They hung out at Paradise Pool and the lagoon until it was Happy Hour time.

Peanut did, however, wake up in time to ride on the pedal boat with the girls.

Back at Ali’i Pool, the girls continued to play in the pool and the grown-ups enjoyed Happy Hour prices.

In the evening, the kids showered and ate dinner in Yai and Ta’s room while Mama and Dada had a date night. Thanks for watching them!!

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Hawaii: Day 4

We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise today and the kids are now waking a little later so we enjoyed it from the lanai this morning.

For breakfast, we walked to Goofy Cafe that’s just around the corner from the hotel.

We got back in time for our lei-making class. The kids enjoyed doing all the threading themselves.

Don’t they look cute?!

Then it was time to change and head out to the beach! The kids had so much fun out there with the sand toys, waves, and the free boogie board that Sophie and Avia received from another guest at the hotel.

Look at these kids living their best life!

As if a morning at the beach wasn’t enough, we went to the pool after lunch and that’s where we hung out for the rest of the day before dinner.

For dinner, we went to the teppanyaki restaurant in the village. Yai and Ta also came along and we had no idea it was their first time! Peanut thoroughly enjoyed the show and ate well too.

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Hawaii: Day 3

This morning it was raining but that didn’t stop us from having fun!

After we went to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast, we headed out to the aquarium!

We took the bus through Waikiki and Peanut drew his version of a bus.

At the aquarium, each kid had a camera or phone and took they all took lots of photos. These fishie photos are Peanut’s. Not bad, kid.

Janie and Sophie also brought their homework and they were excited to work next to each other. It’s just funny that they were doing this at the aquarium!

Avia and Peanut worked on their own projects at the same table.

We love this little aquarium and we remembered to take the annual photo in front of the sign.

For lunch, we walked to our favorite tonkatsu place. We were smart enough to make a reservation on our way over because it was packed!

Then we walked to Island Vintage Shave Ice for a special treat.

Our crazy Peanut made a tunnel in his mountain of shave ice and was so amused by himself.

Back at the hotel, the kids really wanted to go to the beach now that the rain had stopped and it was super sunny outside.

Yai and Ta also joined us out there!

Later in the evening, we ended up at the Ali’i Pool (this place has so many pools!) and Uncle Jamie brought back Happy Meals for the kids and plate lunches from Rainbow Drive-in. YAAAAY!

Then it was time to grab a spot on the beach for the fireworks. We carved out a giant area for us, brought sand toys, and the kids didn’t mind waiting for the show to begin.

Shortly after 7:30, the fireworks started and they were right above us! We usually watch them from our balcony at the Sheraton so this was a special treat!

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Hawaii: Day 2

As expected, the kids were up super early and so were Yai and Ta. So we took a walk around the village and found Lappert’s open and serving coffee and bagels.

Then we walked to the beach and played in the water and sand while the sun came up.

Once Dada woke up, we headed out to the lagoon.

We rented a stand-up paddle board and gave it a try. It was surprisingly easy and even the kids went out on their own.

Next stop was the Paradise Pool where they had a couple water slides.

Dada and Uncle Jamie went off property to pick up a bunch of Spam musubis for everyone to eat for lunch. The kids loved them and probably tasted even better by the pool!

Then it was time for Peanut to take a nap and he was able to fall asleep in the stroller as soon as we started moving. In the meantime, the girls continued to swim and then we met up for ice cream.

For dinner, we walked to Ala Moana Shopping Center to try out Shirokiya Japan Village Walk. It’s a huge Japanese food court complete with all the different foods you would want to eat.

They also had a bunch of toy machines that started at $1/piece. Yai bought a token for Peanut and he scored a Pokemon badge.

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Hawaii, here we come!

It’s time for our annual trip to Oahu, Hawaii! We got up early this morning and waited for the bus in the dark. Luckily the kids were wearing their light-up bracelets and waving them around because that was the only way the bus driver even noticed us. It almost didn’t stop for us!!!

On the plane, the kids did a great job. Janie started her homework packet and then they both watched videos and played games on their iPads.

Janie learned how to write her name in cursive too!

Our flight was on time and we caught an Uber to the hotel. The room was ready at 3pm and we finally got to bring our stuff upstairs.

This year, we are at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and got a room at the Rainbow Tower with a sweet view from our lanai!

After settling in and changing into swimsuits, we found the Tsaos at the hotel ice cream shop!

We spent the rest of the day in the Super Pool and then went out for ramen.

What a great way to start our week-long vacation!!

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