photo books


Janie pulled out her photo books this evening before bed and we also found an old book of Koa as a puppy.


We are so glad that she had the opportunity to have him as a friend for the first 18 months. One day, Peanut will also have a furry friend.

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World Series 2014


The Giants made it to the World Series again – that’s a second time in Janie’s lifetime!  They just played two games in Kansas City and they returned to the neighborhood to play 3 more games.  This evening, Janie took a lap around the ballpark on her scooter to check out the action.




It was actually really crowded but we found little pockets of space to ride.


Here she is at the O’Doul Gate.

AT&T Park

Here is a photo of her in 2012 with Koa.  Aw…


This is the Willie Mays Statue right out front.  We’d better head inside before it gets really crazy out here!

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Watching Koa


This afternoon, Janie watched old videos of Koa on the TV.  She loved watching them and kept saying “more!”  The coffee table is also her new favorite place to sit.

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Vet Visit


Poor GoGo. He’s sick so Janie took him to the vet. She did a good job staying out if trouble while Mommy and Daddy were talking to the doctor. Snacks definitely helped.


When she saw the paintings on the wall, she pointed and said “go-go”. So good!


Janie also had a tasty spaghetti dinner while we were waiting for Koa’s test results.


We hope he’ll feel better tomorrow.

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