Hawaii: Day 7

It’s our last full day in Hawaii and we had plans to make the most of it!

We were up early and took a walk to Eggs n Things. We walked along the beach and we had really comfortable weather. 

At breakfast, Peanut drew a picture of all of us hiking Diamond Head yesterday.

After breakfast, Janie and Dada headed back to the hotel for an ukulele lesson.

Meanwhile, Peanut and Mama went shopping.

We walked through the International Marketplace and found a statue of Don Ho.

Before heading back, we stopped at Mitsuwa Marketplace to pick up lunch for everyone. Peanut had so much fun with the shopping basket.

He also picked out two boxes of Pocky sticks to share with the other kids.

Here’s all the food we bought for our two families.

We also picked up some mochi donuts from MoDo inside the market.

On the way back, we caught a ride on The Bus. It came right as we were walking up to the stop!

Back at the Paradise Pool, the kids were swimming and after they stopped to eat lunch, they went back in the pool and went down the tube slide over and over again. Even Janie conquered her fear and went too! It’s a dark and fast slide but Peanut absolutely loved it.

After all the swimming, Peanut fell asleep while still holding a chip in his hand.

In the meantime, the girls had moved over to the beach and Uncle Jamie rented a floating island. They had fun trying to balance and also throw each other off.

Once Peanut woke up, he and Mama got to play too.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same girl who was so terrified of even the sound of the ocean as a baby. Now she’s a floating pro just like her Dada and never wants to get out of the water.

For dinner, we walked to the hotel down the street to have dinner at KatsuMidori with Auntie Yoon, Uncle Kurt, and Trevor.

It’s a cute Japanese restaurant that lets you order from an iPad and some of your food gets delivered by a train!!!

We walked back to the hotel along the lagoon with the full moon to light the way.

What a fun day and evening to end the vacation!

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