First Day of Distance Learning

We may be starting with Distance Learning but we still have to take a first-day-of-school photo!!

I remember what a milestone it was for Janie to start Kindergarten. Take a look at a comparison to her first day of K photo!! Both have the same cheesy excited smile. So cute.

After the photos, we all went back inside and hopped on their first Zoom class. Ms. Wells looks so nice and Peanut seemed to follow along just fine.

He made a First Day of Kindergarten crown and name tag just like Janie did!

Here he is wearing his gearn with the rest of the class.

This was Ms. Wells reading the class a story about Chester, their class mascot.

Here is Janie in her first class with Ms. Suzuki. She is an older and more experienced teacher with lots of rules and instructions. 3rd grade is a big jump from 2nd grade! What’s nice is that Janie’s old classmates from Ms. Bliss’ class are all back together again!

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