More SUP

What a beautiful morning we had today!

The kids loved stand-up paddleboarding so much the other day that they convinced Dada to rent one again today.

They went out pretty far today but didn’t see any turtles this time.

Janie also got to try it herself and took a little passenger with her.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach playing and swimming.

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Beach and Pool Day

We were up early again and the kids watched the sun go up again. It really doesn’t get old.

We went down early to get a pool reservation and set up camp at our favorite umbrella/beach spot.

Toni and Thomas joined us early and they tried out the turtle floatie that was given to them at the other hotel.

We spent part of the time at the pool (during our 2-hour reservation) before heading back to the beach again.

Auntie Yoon and Uncle Kurt joined us again and brought poi donuts from Liliha. Yum!!

The rest of the day was spent at the beach and we all took turns in the lounge chair floatie.

Peanut had a little too much fun on the turtle floatie and was falling asleep on the water.

We pulled him out of the waves and put him under the umbrella where he took a 2-hour nap in the same position!
It later started to rain so we had to pack up and head back upstairs to the hotel room.

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Day at the Beach

It’s Valentine’s Day and we were up early as expected on the first day in Hawaii. It was nice to be able to watch the sunrise from our lanai.

The kids wanted to go to the beach so we packed up and headed down.

We set up camp and pretty much stayed the whole day.

Toni and Thomas arrived a little later.

Auntie Yoon and Uncle Kurt showed up by lunchtime with Trevor and we spent the rest of the day with them.

The day ended with an ice cream delivery by Dada and Peanut.

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Hawaii At Last!!

We are finally on our way to Hawaii!! We missed going last December and were excited to go after going through COVID testing and a long flight with masks on.

As usual, we had our first meal at Ramen Nakamura. Yum!!

We were also excited to get into the pool! We were lucky enough to get a 2-hour slot at the last minute.

For dinner, we met up with Uncle Jason, Auntie, Jia, Thomas, and Toni.

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