Workbooks and Swim

Now that summer is in full swing, we’ve gotten into a routine. The kids do workbooks in the morning and then get to play the rest of the day.

We also added swim lessons for Peanut at Waterworks in Huntington Beach. It’s a 20-min lesson with just one other kid and he gets to hang on his teacher’s back while the other child is swimming.

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Final Day

After 3 years, this girl will check in for the last time at Aquatech. She has not only overcome her fear of the water but learned all 4 strokes with confidence and excellent form. It’s good to know that all the time and money that we’ve spent here paid off.

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Pool is Open!

Our community pool was closed all last summer and finally opened yesterday. This was such as treat. Peanut even exclaimed “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

There’s a reservation system and we can have up to 6 people in our party. So, we invited Maya and Alek to join us. They had so much fun!

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