First Naps

A couple hours after Janie was born, we were moved to a postpartum/recovery room, which would be our home for the next couple days.  It was nice and quiet and Janie took her first nap on Daddy’s chest. I think this is going to be her favorite place to nap.

An hour later, she had another nap with Mommy.  She looked so peaceful after such a crazy start.

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Baby Skin

Janie didn’t make things very easy for me during the delivery.  She thought it would be a good idea to have her hand up against her face as she came out of the womb.  Here’s a close-up of her face just hours after her birth.  She had a little bruise on her right cheek from where her hand was stuck.  Luckily, baby skin heals quickly.

Here’s another photo of her just a couple hours later.  It’s gone!  Amazing!

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First Hour of Life

Kaylee Jane came into our lives today and there was quite a whirlwind of activity during her first hour of life in the big world.  She came out pooping and then pooped again while we were getting acquainted.  After spending some quality time with me and her daddy, she was given a quick sponge bath.  I don’t think she enjoyed it much.

She was then weighed on the scale and wrapped back up.

These were the really nice nurses that helped us during the whole labor and delivery.

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