A Day with Uncle

While Mama went back to work, the kids got some worksheets done in the morning while Dada and Uncle Johnny did some work.

In the afternoon, they met up with Auntie Jia for a little Camp Snoopy at Knott’s. Since we were going to live so close to the park, we got a season pass for the whole family and it’s already getting some use!

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Rest from the Sun

Today was a rest day from the sun. It was also Toni and Thomas’ last day in Hawaii.

On our walk to the food court, we saw a Mama duck and her ducklings going for a walk too.

The kids love going up and down this escalator at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

At the food court, we got a special treat at Kokoro Cafe. It’s called a Shaka-Boom: waffle shaka filled with chocolate sauce and topped with Dole Whip and rainbow sprinkles. Yum!

We also spent the afternoon in our room. The kids had a fun time together.

For dinner, we went to another food court and got one last family photo together before Toni and Thomas left for the airport.

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Japanese Dinner

We all went out for a traditional Japanese dinner this evening. The kids came prepared with things to keep them busy while we waited for the food.

This is one of the places Mama and Dada used to go all the time before the kids were born. Happy to see they are still in business through the pandemic.

This is the nighttime view from our lanai. So pretty!

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Kids Table

With Hawaii’s strict rules about having no more than 5 people at a table, we’ve been giving the kids their own table when we are all together. They did a great job staying entertained and also managed to eat most of their food.

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