18 months


Our baby boy turned 18 months old today and Mama is a little sad. He went from a dumpling baby that just rolled around on the floor to a walking, climbing, noisy monster of a toddler.


Here are some highlights from this past month:

  • Gross Motor: He’s climbing the sofa daily and has started walking rather quickly back and forth in the house. I think he’s on the verge of running. Scary. He also does this funny squat thing that looks like he’s trying to jump but he’s not even close to coming off the ground.
  • Fine Motor: Not much has happened in this area but he has shown a greater interest in Duplos. He can put some pieces together but still needs some work. He likes playing with markers but doesn’t really care for scribbling yet. Must be a boy thing.
  • Speech: He has a few new words including “up” and “no” (his favorite). He also tries to yell at Alexa (our Amazon device) but it sounds more like “ah-ga”. Pretty funny. He nods yes and no more consistently now and still relies on signing eat, more, all done, and please. His receptive language seems to be pretty robust now and seems to understand things like “sit down”, “wash hands”, “clean up”, “take shoes off”.  He also says “cheese” when he seems me taking a photo of him. Unfortunately, his cheese-smile looks like Chandler Bing from the show “Friends”.
  • Self-care: He’s still a fan of utensils and has gotten pretty good with using a fork and spoon (when he wants to). He also tries drinking from an open cup whenever he gets the chance. One of Mama’s favorite tricks is how he puts his shoes away when we get home. He also throws his own diaper away in the trash. He will also wipe his hands and face if we give him a napkin or wipe.
  • He also learned how to give hugs and kisses. It’s so sweet.
  • Eating/drinking: He has a list of foods that he consistently doesn’t like including tomatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. Still loves meat, tofu, and beans. Pasta and noodles are also a good staple for him. It’s also cute watching him eat a sandwich. He does a pretty good job eating them without it completely falling apart. He’s also a big fan of water. He drinks so much!!
  • Personality: Boy oh boy does this guy have a strong personality. He has quite a temper but he’s also very friendly. When he’s mad, he throws whatever he has in his hand. He is also pretty stubborn and says “NO!” with a good scowl on his face when he really doesn’t want something. At the same time, he will come over and give you a random hug or kiss just minutes after a tantrum. He still loves his hippo/pacifier and will desperately call out “boo-boo, boo-boo” when he’s sad or tired. He also has a fondness for his muslin blankets. He’s also a daredevil and clown at the same time. It definitely keeps Mama on her toes all day long.
  • Habits: He sleeps well during the day and goes to bed well each night. Unfortunately, he still wakes 1-2 times each night but usually gets back to sleep on his own. He still LOVES taking a bath and now helps Mama apply lotion afterward. He still hates having his teeth brushed but we have to do it.





Happy 18 months and Happy Half-Birthday, Peanut!!  Love you!!


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365 days


Our not-so-little Peanut has turned ONE! Where have the months gone?! So much has happened and he has definitely grown into a little person with lots of personality.


This past month was full of transitions, changes, and new skills:

    • We started introducing him to cow’s milk and so far everything seems to be just fine.
    • He learned how to blow raspberries and has been quite a chatterbox.
    • He learned how to use a snack catcher and loves to drop things into containers.
    • Cruising and crawling are still his preferred method of movement and he didn’t quite advance to walking as quickly as his big sister.
    • He had his first birthday party and surprisingly didn’t care for his cake!
    • Stats: Wears 12-18 month clothes, shoes are size 4, diapers are still size 4.
    • Daily Routine: Wakes at 6am, naps 9-10am, naps 1-3pm, drinks three 4-ounce bottles per day, goes to sleep at 7pm.
    • Favorites: stacking cups, musical Baby Einstein toy, putting things into containers, flipping through books.
    • He adores his big sister and loves watching her in the backseat of the car. They giggle together and he has learned so much from her. She also takes good care of him every morning after Mama goes to work.


He’s become a little version of his Uncle Jason complete with dimple and possible preference for his left hand. He’s also quick to smile but also quick to anger. He also loves his Mama so very much. We can’t wait to see what he will be like in another year.


Happy 1st Birthday, Peanut! We love you to pieces and you’ve completed our little family.

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357 days


This guy is 51 weeks old today. I can’t believe he’ll be ONE next weekend!


This past week, he has had Dada at home with him while Mimi was on vacation. On Saturday (7/16), he got his first taste of cow’s milk and he 1) loved it and 2) didn’t have any weird reactions to it. Yippee! We should be ready to transition to cow’s milk in no time!


Our little baby boy is growing up so quickly and his personality has definitely come out.

Happy 51 weeks, Peanut! Pretty soon we’ll have to start to call you by your real name because you’re definitely not as small as peanut anymore!!!!

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350 days


Peanut is 50 weeks old today! Take a look at those chompers on that smile!

He was having a bit of a GI bug this week but it didn’t seem to bother him as much as the person who had to change his diapers and clean up his puke. Otherwise, we had quite an uneventful week. The only new food he tried this week was raspberry. He’s also starting to stand for a few seconds without holding on to something.


Happy 50 weeks, Peanut!! Love you!

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343 days


This little dude is 49 weeks old today. He wasn’t in the mood to pose with ducky today so this is the best photos we could get this week. He’s such a busy body and has a mischievous streak. In fact, this week he learned out to pop puffs off his food tray and loves watching Mama clean it all up.


Happy 49 weeks, Peanut!! Love you to pieces!

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336 days


Peanut is 48 weeks old and just a month away from his 1st birthday. This week, Peanut tasted his first orange slice and went bonkers over it. Reminds me of the same reaction his big sister had on her first taste. It’s officially stone fruit season too and he’s been getting lots of peaches and nectarines. This boy is still crawling and cruising all over the place and not quite trying to stand on his own just yet. If you ask me, I can wait.

Happy 48 weeks, Peanut!


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329 days


Look who’s 47 weeks old! It was a hot evening so we took this week’s picture in just a diaper. Heh heh. So cute.

This week has been a big fine motor week for this guy. He learned how to let go of toys to drop them into a container and also learned how to pull snacks out of the snack catcher! Mama is so happy. He’s also imitating some fun things like making a “wah-wah” sound with his hand and mouth and shaking his head side to side. New foods for the week include watermelon, cantaloupe, and PBJ sandwich pieces.

Happy 47 weeks, Peanut!!

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322 days


Peanut is 46 weeks old and taking these photos with ducky are super challenging lately. He moves so fast and grabs everything in sight.

This week, he sprouted two new teeth, one on top and one on the bottom. No wonder he’s waking every 2 hours again. *sigh* He continues to eat very well, which is a relief for Mama. He tried Daddy’s spaghetti for the first time today and has been eating larger chunks of fruit including melon, banana, and cooked apple. Instead of screaming, he’s also saying “mum-mum-mum” when he wants more food. The weather has been warm this week so he’s been playing in the sandbox everyday – just like his sister did at his age.

Happy 46 weeks, Peanut!!

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315 days


Peanut is 45 weeks old today! We had an exciting week that included flying on a plane to Southern California and celebrating Thomas and Toni’s birthdays. He also got his very first haircut from Ta. He handled it rather well and his new big boy look makes Mama sad. He’s growing up too fast.

Happy 45 weeks, Peanut!

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308 days


Peanut is 44 weeks old today! These weeks are just flying by! This week, he learned how to click his tongue and started imitating “mum-mum” for “more” when he eats. We’ve been working very hard to find something he can say to ask for more food instead of screaming. He’s almost got it. He also learned how to shake a rattle recently. I think he’s been doing this at the library every week and showing off his skills at home with us now.


Happy 44 weeks, Big Boy!!

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