A Day with Uncle

While Mama went back to work, the kids got some worksheets done in the morning while Dada and Uncle Johnny did some work.

In the afternoon, they met up with Auntie Jia for a little Camp Snoopy at Knott’s. Since we were going to live so close to the park, we got a season pass for the whole family and it’s already getting some use!

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In the afternoon, Auntie Yoon dropped us off at the Sheraton Waikiki. When we checked in, the front desk upgraded us to an oceanfront room. WOW!

The kids couldn’t wait to hit the beach so that’s what we did after dropping off our things.

The evening sunset was so pretty from the lanai.

The kids drew their version of our afternoon. So funny. I like how Janie’s drawing is of Dada on the beach saying “This is relaxing.”

We had dinner at the foodcourt nearby and the kids got their first shave ice for the trip.

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Day at the Beach

It’s Valentine’s Day and we were up early as expected on the first day in Hawaii. It was nice to be able to watch the sunrise from our lanai.

The kids wanted to go to the beach so we packed up and headed down.

We set up camp and pretty much stayed the whole day.

Toni and Thomas arrived a little later.

Auntie Yoon and Uncle Kurt showed up by lunchtime with Trevor and we spent the rest of the day with them.

The day ended with an ice cream delivery by Dada and Peanut.

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