Beach at Sunset


When we got back to the hotel, the kids were refreshed after their car nap and Peanut was ready to go again. He was so proud of climbing onto the lounge chair and standing up on his own.


It was too windy by the pool, so we all headed out to the beach where it felt 10 degrees warmer out there.


Janie and Sophie played in the water while Avia and Peanut played in the sand.



Dada also helped the girls make sand castles.



We stayed out until the sun went down. Aaaahhh…so pretty.


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Janie asked to go to the aquarium today so that’s what we did. In the tunnel, she said “hello” to the scuba diver.


We got there when it opened for members only so it was nice and empty for the kids to see the fish.



Peanut had fun wandering around on his own and there was so much to see and touch.

One of his favorite things to do was swiping his finger on the iPad displays.


In the middle of the day, we stopped for a snack outside on the patio.


When we went back inside, Peanut walked along the sting ray and shark exhibit.

He’s so different from his big sister who was so scared to walk over the round windows looking over the water. Peanut didn’t even notice and walked right over them.

Here he is getting up off the floor and making some fast pivots in different directions. This walking thing is getting pretty easy for him.


For lunch, we went down the street to Pacific Catch and had a preview of the tasty food we’re going to have in Hawaii. Janie and Mama shared a poke trio with seaweed salad – Janie’s favorite!


Then we stopped for soft serve on the way back to Golden Gate Park.


The kids also got to play around the Japanese Tea Garden before heading back to the car.

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Little Mover

Boy oh boy! Peanut is quite a mover. Mama caught some of the action this evening.

He loves the ambulance/medical kit that Ama gave to Janie a few years ago. We are glad to see that it’s gained a second life with this guy.

And look how strong and stable he has gotten! He loves to carry his toys around the house now.

Here is Peanut getting up off the floor on his own. He only recently started doing this more consistently without falling down.

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We were shopping at Trader Joe’s when Peanut started throwing a fit in the shopping cart. So, Mama took him outside for a while and he calmed immediately when he saw these dancing guys in the courtyard.


Minutes later, he was fine and hung out by the water while Dada paid for the groceries.

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story time line


Starting beginning of this month, the library decided to make story time first-come-first-served instead of accepting reservations 6 days in advance. Mama doesn’t have to wait for 12:00 pm every Wednesday and Friday to register anymore but now the kids have to line up at the library 30 minutes before it opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


So, that’s what they did this morning and they didn’t seem to mind. Look at those smiles!


And look at this line! It was only 9:35 am and the library doesn’t open until 10:00 am.


Luckily, they got tickets to the 10:15 am story time and Peanut enjoyed it very much. He even stood for some of the songs.

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from our window


We stayed in this afternoon and saw the Blue Angels flying over our house from the window.This is Janie looking for jets in the sky.


Peanut also gave it a try and hung out by the window too for a little while.

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