Cherry Picking

It’s one of our favorite times of the year! May is a great time to go cherry picking and that’s what we did this morning.

We picked and took home 16 pounds of cherries today and Peanut probably ate a pound on his own while we were picking.

The kids drew a picture of their morning and Peanut included all the cherry pits that he spit onto the dirt while we picked.

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Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay was closed for a year during the pandemic and finally reopened recently. We were excited to see the fish return and to see if the coral had time to repair. The process for getting an entry was not easy though. Mama got up early and drove to the entrance to pick up a reservation.

When it was our time, we were allowed to enter, watched the short video, and headed down to the beach.

The fish were at knee level so Peanut could enjoy them from the shore. Meanwhile, Janie and Dada went out to explore.

We all had fun exploring and just hanging out in the beautiful fish sanctuary.

At lunch, there was a large bird hanging out in the restaurant. How funny.

For dinner, we went to our favorite katsu place and Peanut had a yummy kid’s bento meal.

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North Shore

We drove to North Shore today and visited the turtles. They were surfing in the waves and didn’t feel like napping today.

The shrimp truck was also closed today so we stopped at McDonald’s for a fried apple pie. Janie is big fan!

And you can’t forget the shave ice!

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