Play Dough

The kids have rediscovered play dough and spent all afternoon making cookies, noodles, pancakes, and all kinds of other things.

Here’s Janie’s blueberry cake with a giant blueberry on top and tiny blueberries all around it.

Peanut mixed some colors and made rainbow cookies.

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Home All Day

This is the new normal for us. No longer are we spending all day going from one activity to another. In fact, the kids have not been in the car much these past two weeks.  Today, we cooked, we played games, and we cleaned. The kids love being home and not having to go to swim, kung fu, and soccer all day. Let’s see how much longer before they get bored.

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Active Day

It’s the last day of Janie’s Winter Break. This morning, Janie and Mama went to the tennis courts to play. Afterward, we walked to Angelfish for a sushi lunch.

Then we picked up Peanut from school in the afternoon and headed to Target to pick up a few supplies.

It was also a swim day and Janie got her Eel ribbon and was moved up to Tigershark!! Woohoo!

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