More s’mores

The kids really wanted to make s’mores again. They were so excited that they sat together as the fire was getting started.

This isn’t a very good photo but I can assure you the marshmallows were yummy.

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Peanut’s Day

While Janie was at Jasper’s house, Peanut was home with Dada. They went to the car wash and had lunch at Chipotle. He also had a swim make-up but cried when it was time to go because he had fallen asleep in the car.

After then picked up Janie from Jasper’s house, he was so happy to see her.

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Time to Say Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye and drive back to Alameda today. The girls always have a hard time with this.

We had so much fun this past week and can’t wait to see everyone again!

We got home at a decent time and even saw some snow on the Grapevine!

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