Janie had a science assignment this week. She had to build a cart that would go down a ramp and travel 3 feet.

She also had to present it to her class over Zoom.

Here was our test run the night before.

Peanut also did some work in class today.

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Last Day

What a fun week it has been and now it’s the last day in Hawaii for us.

As usual, the kids were up early to have one last dip in the ocean before washing up and packing all our things.

Until next time!!!

Peanut made sure to have his Southwest airplane in hand when we took off.

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More SUP

What a beautiful morning we had today!

The kids loved stand-up paddleboarding so much the other day that they convinced Dada to rent one again today.

They went out pretty far today but didn’t see any turtles this time.

Janie also got to try it herself and took a little passenger with her.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach playing and swimming.

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