Practice Ride

Now that Peanut has learned how to ride a bike, we took a practice ride to his new school. Each year, Mama and Dada have walked to ridden bikes with Janie to school on the first day and we hope to do the same with Peanut too!

We made it to school in one piece and Peanut was excited to be going to the same school as his big sister.

We then kept going – past Harbor Bay Club and along the water.

He did a great job but got tired trying to keep up with Dada and Janie.

We took a little break and the stuffies got to enjoy the view of the city too.

When it was time to head home, the stuffies went back into Peanut bike bucket.

We all got home safely and we rode over 4 miles today.

As a special treat, we hopped in the van and went to Jamba Juice. We ordered ahead and Mama went out to pick up the smoothies. Meanwhile, the kids stayed in the van with Dada and ended up in the back row!

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Soda Springs

We were up early and got ready to go snowboarding!

The cabin is so BIG and the kids got to explore a bit before heading out.

Today we hit a milestone. We all went up the ski lift and rode down a green run together as a family!

Janie also went down a green run without falling or stopping for the first time!! What a great day we all had in the snow!!

By the time Mama and Janie were done with their last run, Peanut fell asleep in Dada’s lap. He was beat!

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After Kung Fu, we had a pretty laid back day. It started with a FaceTime call from Alice and Leela.

Later, Janie tried to teach Peanut how to play chess. That did not go well.

For lunch, Dada made pasta with the pesto sauce that was made with our homegrown basil.

Peanut also tried one of Mama’s homegrown tomatoes.

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Sequoia National Park: Day 1

Turns out it gets REALLY cold at night in Sequoia. Everyone slept with their heads covered and it was very painful getting up to go pee in the morning.

Mama and Janie were up first so we got a little snuggle time in before Peanut popped his head out and eventually woke up.

It was still pretty cold during breakfast. Peanut and Mama had their matching puffy jackets on today.

Janie convinced Dada to build a fire to help her warm her hands so the kids sat by the smokey fire sharing blueberries while the bacon and eggs were cooking.

After breakfast, we headed out to one of the Visitor Centers (Lodgepole) for a look around. We learned about all the different creatures that live in this National Park and watched a short video about bears and safety.

We also picked up a Junior Park Ranger workbook for Janie. It included a bunch of activities that she is supposed to complete and return later in order to become a Junior Park Ranger.

What’s great about this park is that there’s a bus that goes around to the different sites. So, we hopped on and got dropped off at Giant Forest where we walked down almost a mile to the main attraction.

The kids did great on the walk down and we stopped for a few photos on the way down.

Here is the General Sherman Tree, which is the world’s largest tree.

At the next bus stop, there was a fallen tree with a tunnel carved out.

For lunch, we ate our packed picnic back at Lodgepole.

Then on the way back to the campsite, both kids fell asleep and finished their naps in the minivan once we arrived.

For dinner, we picked up a pizza at Stony Creek Lodge and brought it back to the campsite.

The kids had a blast being silly with each other, which is an endearing thing to watch as they giggled together.

Of course, the evening ended with more s’mores and the kids were really getting the hang of it.

Once little brother went to sleep in the tent, Janie had a few giggles with Dada too.

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Old Friend

Mommy and Daddy put up some shelves in the kids’ room today and left a little surprise for Janie. Her little friend GG had gone missing for about 3 years (she left him at a restaurant) and showed up this evening on that shelf. Surprise!!

It took a little while for her to notice but she was so happy to see her again after so long! She introduced GG to Little Guy and now they all sleep together at night.

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