Alice’s House


This afternoon, we went to Alice’s house to meet Baby Leela for the first time. The kids got a show and tell from Yai.


Mama got to snuggle Cousin Leela but Peanut was not happy about it.



The girls were very happy to see each other and played together relatively well despite a couple of arguments.


This family has grown by one more human and it’s just gonna get more fun!

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back to the pool


After naptime, we all went back into the water. This time it was farther down to a different pool.

Peanut loved the water and kept trying to lurch forward to reach the water. He was also really big into splashing and kicking.

Janie came up with a new side-swimming technique and got her hands on the GoPro for a bit.


This girl is having so much fun here.


After dinner, we settled down the for the night and played Spot It. Janie got pretty at spotting the matches.


This little guy fell asleep at dinner, transferred well to the crib, but then woke up 2 hours later. We found him quietly peeking out to see what the rest of his family was up to.


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